samedi 1 septembre 2007

Dangers des hacks iPhone...

Voici un Apple iPhone qui a explosé lors d'une tentative de débloquage... Voici le post original sur Hackint0sh :

“We were so happy, all the software part was done, so we started opening the iphone. The antenna cover was a bit tricky but eventually it came off. Then we started to open the metal cover (after taking out the 3 screws) and PUFF, up it went in smoke, I think my collegue must have touched something. It literally went up in black smoke. I was so hot that when I tried to pick it up I burnt my fingers. So, this is for sure the most difficult part of the whole process. I don’t know what he did, as I had just stepped out of the room to fetch something when I heard a scream…they got such a fright.”

Faites attention donc...

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